If you purchased eBooks in Canada between April1, 2010 and March 10, 2017, you may be eligible for a payment from this class action.

What is this class action about?

Class action lawsuits were commenced in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec (“Actions”) against the defendants Apple Inc., Apple Canada Inc. (together, “Apple”) and Hachette Book Group Canada Ltd, Hachette Book Group Inc., HarperCollins Canada Limited, HarperCollins Publishers LLC, Macmillan Publishers, Inc., Penguin Group (USA) LLC (now Penguin Random House LLC), Penguin Canada Books, Inc. (now Penguin Random House Canada Limited), and Simon & Schuster Canada, a division of CBS Canada Holdings Co. (the “Publishers”) alleging they conspired to fix, maintain, increase or control the price of eBooks sold by them in Canada, contrary to Part VI of the Competition Act, the common law and the Civil Code of Quebec (the “Alleged Conspiracy”).

The Actions allege that, because of the Alleged Conspiracy, the price of eBooks sold in Canada between April 1, 2010, and March 10, 2017, was artificially high, and seek reimbursement of the alleged overcharges.

A settlement agreement has been reached with Apple (the “Apple Settlement”). Settlement includes a payment of $12,000,000 CAD (the “Settlement Proceeds”) by Apple.

The Apple Settlement and the Distribution Protocol was approved by:

  • The Ontario Superior Court of Justice on March 7, 2023;
  • The Superior Court of Quebec on June 19, 2023.

You may review the orders here.

The Distribution Protocol that will govern the distribution of the settlement funds to Settlement Class Members can be reviewed here. It supplements and overrides some of the provisions in the settlement agreement.

Summary of Your Legal Rights and Options

Submit a claim

Now that the Approval Courts have approved the settlement, more information will be provided on this website about how to submit a claim, when the claims process begins.

Do Nothing

If you do nothing when the claims process begins, and you needed to submit a claim, you will not receive any money.

Opt out of the settlement

The deadline to opt out of the settlement expired on November 11, 2022.

If you did not opt out, you are automatically included in the Settlement Class (if you qualify) and are legally bound by all orders and judgments of the Courts.

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